About Vinclub:

Yunnan Vinclub Wine Training School was founded by Jacob Wang with the vision of offering the highest quality wine education and tasting instruction. Jacob has been visited many famous Wine region for studying wines.He also keep a good cooperation with many top golf clubs, private Banks, five-star hotels,luxury car enterprises restaurants, private clubs and preside at wine tasting and training for their members.

We offer the 1st and the only WSET Certificate Sommelier Course authorized by the British in Yunnan province. As well as multiple levels and classes of Wine Course Certification programs. Our courses place particular emphasis on tasting skills and the practical knowledge required for understanding wine.It include theoretical knowledge, practical service, sensory evaluation .The school also offers private events which are tailored for each client like Food&wine tours and winery&chateau investment.

Our Wine School focuses on the practical aspects of enjoying wine. A premium selection of wines from around the world will be tasted in each course. Many wines are tasted blind to make learning both interactive and fun.We hosted the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Yunnan province Wine Blind Tasting Competition dedicated to the promotion and teaching of the wine culture to wine lovers and relevant industry.

Our mission is simple: we want to help you learn about, appreciate, and enjoy wine. And aging the pleasure of wine!


Yunnan Vinclub Wine Training School

2F Wanda Golf Driving Range

Dianchi Satellite City,

12 EastHongta Road,

Kunming, Yunnan, China

Hours: Tuesday- Sunday, 10:00 am - 20:00 PM