The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

An excellent way to jump start your career in wine.

Level 1 Award in Wine:

This class provides a basic introduction to the main styles of wines available today. Level 1 is ideal for those who want to learn more for either personal knowledge or to boost wine confidence for hospitality, retail or other front-of-the-house positions in the industry. Ideal for restaurant servers without prior, formal wine education. Students will also gain insight into wine and food pairing techniques. Perfect for those entering the wine business or for those who want to know more about one of their favorite beverages.
To obtain the Level 1 Award Certificate in Wine, the student must successfully complete a multiple choice paper of 30 questions and take part in a food and wine matching exercise.
Upon successful completion of this Level 1 Certification Course you will have gained:
1. Knowledge of the basics of wine and wine styles
2.Tutored tasting experience
WSET Level 1 Award Certification

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

WSET Level 2 Certification- Award in Wine & Spirits

Level 2 Award in Wine:

This qualification covers the key grape varieties grown and the different styles of wine produced around the world as well as the production of spirits and liqueurs. During class, students will be taken through a guided tasting of wines and taught the WSET systematic approach to tasting wine that will let you access wines in a structured manner. Napa Valley Wine Academy students will receive study pointers on the Level 2 WSET® exam.
This class is especially recommended for:
Those in the retail, hospitality or wholesale areas of the wine and/or spirits industry wishing to obtain greater knowledge and professional certification from a trusted internationally-recognized organization;
Wine enthusiasts wanting to gain a broad view of grapes and wines produced around the world
To obtain the Level 2 Award Certificate in Wine & Spirit, you will need to successfully pass a paper with 50 multiple choice questions.
Upon successful completion of this Level 2 Certification Course, you will have gained:
1. Training in the broad range of wine, spirits and liqueur, knowledge which will help you in sales, hospitality and wholesale areas of the industry.
2. Tutored tasting of wines
3. Knowledge of the systematic approach to tasting that will allow you to access a wine’s quality and price
4. Level 2 Award in Wine & Spirit Certification from the WSET®

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